Copico – Where Every Copy Counts

Copico – Where Every Copy Counts

Before Darren Schultz purchased Copico, he spent years purchasing from the copy shop. Over the years, he got to know the owner. One day, she came to Darren with a business proposition. She wanted to move back to the Midwest and was looking to sell her business based in Suffolk, VA. Darren said he would think about it and 6 weeks later he was the proud owner of Copico.

Though the copy industry wasn’t in his expertise, Darren always knew he was interested in entrepreneurship. He also knew he wanted to stay in Suffolk, so when the opportunity to own Copico arose, he jumped on it.

It’s been almost 12 years since he first got the keys to the store and while he’s made many changes, many things have also stayed the same. Once strictly a copy shop, Copico is now a full service print shop. What hasn’t changed is the commitment to quality, customers and the community.

Time and again, he’s seen long-standing customers test the waters with big-box stores. And time and again, he’s seen these customers return to Copico because their quality and service is not up to par.

When asked why he supports locally owned businesses, Darren’s answer is one that we can all relate to: “I shop local because I’m not just supporting a business, I’m supporting a friend, neighbor, someone I go to church with or a parent of my child’s friend. On top of that, a greater percentage of the money I spend with a locally owned and operated business stays within my community.

Whether he’s grabbing a pizza with his family at Amici’s Pizza Café or adding pieces to his wardrobe at Richardson and Nash Clothiers, Darren shops local because these businesses he supports are “the lifeblood of our economy, both locally and nationally.”

Whether a customer is purchasing a few copies or a major printing order, Darren and his Copico team genuinely care about each person who walks through the door. Darren supports his community and they support him. It’s a wonderful cycle of local love!

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