Making Bath Time Fun Again!

Making Bath Time Fun Again!

When remodeling your home or even just a room in your home, you’re investing a lot of time and sometimes money. You want someone by your side – someone you can count on, an expert who’s available when you call. When you’re remodeling your home, do you depend on a big box or an independent?

When Jim White embarked into the remodeling industry in 1989, he started work with a major big box affiliate. There, he developed a passion for doing bath remodels. He learned the ins and outs of the industry, but he knew something was missing at the big box affiliate.

He realized what it was– a connection with each customer – and he chose to do something about it. After many years of working with national companies, he decided to open Luxury Bath by Mobility Remodelers. At Mobility Remodelers, Jim is able to source more products locally and be more flexible with each of his clients. Ultimately, he’s able to focus more on the client and less on the quarterly sales reports.

“Locally owned businesses seem to care about a lot of the same issues that not only I do, but the same issues my customers care about,” said Jim. “They’re in the community and they’re making the decisions that affect the community – not a board of directors located thousands of miles away.”

Since Jim’s big-box days, a lot has changed. Today, he and his staff have ditched the customary “customer” mentality for more of a “friends and family” relationship with store patrons. The team at Luxury Bath by Mobility Remodelers works hard to provide each customer with peace of mind and picture-perfect bathrooms.

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