When the Big-Boxes Aren’t Home, Who Will You Call?

It was 2004 when Twin City Power Equipment went out of business. During this time, Doug Nord was constantly traveling for work and his children were entering high school. Doug decided to make a change, one that would allow him to stay closer to home – he purchased the assets from Twin City Power and opened Nord Outdoor Power.

Since he opened up shop, things have been going great. He’s been able to spend more time with his family and more time interacting with the people of his community. Today, his wife, Deborah, works as Nord’s controller while his two children, Seth and Erika, work in the store – Seth is full time in service and Erika comes in part–time to help with miscellaneous projects. Doug loves seeing so many people from the local and surrounding communities stop in.   Doug knows that he and his staff need to work hard to maintain and grow their customer base,.

“In our business, we have to resign the contract with our customers every time they walk through our door,” said Doug. “This is why we have to continually work harder, increase our knowledge base, find better ways to do things and strive to create an environment that not only brings back our current customers, it encourages them reach out to their friends, family and neighbors to recommend us.”

National chains rely on their vast marketing, long hours and extensive selection of a wide range of products to attract customers. The result? An inferior sales experience. Take Nybakke Vacuum, Doug’s local vacuum retailer, for instance. When you need your vacuum fixed, are you going to go to your big box mega retailer and ask the customer service team to fix it? Probably not!   At Nybakke, the third-generation, family owned business cares about not only the vacuums they’re servicing, they care about people they’re repairing them for.  The same goes for Doug and all of Nord Power’s equipment.

“My business is a part of me,” said Doug. When someone is not pleased, Doug takes it to heart and makes it his mission and the store’s mission to rectify the situation. He also takes praise personally. He expects every one of his staff members to go the extra mile with customers to make sure they have provided each customer with something the big box stores don’t provide nearly well enough – knowledge, service and a commitment that stands above all others.

This commitment is one that Doug and his employees have with all of their customers. The other day, Doug sold a walk-behind lawn mower. The customer asked Doug whether he would mind delivering the lawn mower to his house and picking up a few TV sets from his house and delivering them to a local charity. Nord delivered the TVs with pleasure at no extra charge.

Nord Outdoor Power is closed on Sundays but if there’s a storm, Doug will open his doors to help his community out. When the big-boxes close, do you think they’re going to do the same?

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