Price Hardware – A Haven for Husbands AND Wives

Though Price Hardware has been a family owned and operated business for more than six decades, they are anything but traditional. John and Carol Price are flipping the switch on the hardware industry – their store, once dedicated strictly to power tools, has recently welcomed tea kettles and china.

John Price and his brothers Roy Jr. and Gary have known their way around a hardware store since they were babies. Their father, Roy E. Price Sr. opened Price Hardware in 1946 and the Price family has been meeting the hardware needs of Atlanta, TX. ever since. Roy wanted to make sure his three sons knew the ins and outs of the industry, so they worked just about every job the store had to offer. The Price brothers cleaned the store, unloaded trucks, assembled products and made deliveries.

After college, Roy Jr. and Gary parted ways with the family business. Roy is an attorney while Gary works as a forester. John, however, decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He has worked in the store since 1976 but took over day to day operations of Price Hardware in 1988.  He has been providing his customers with the same quality of service his father had provided for 23 years.

Customers are not the only ones who recognize Price Hardware’s dedication to excellence. Last May, John accepted the “Tools of the Trade” award from Home Channel News at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas for the renovation they unveiled late last year. With his wife Carol’s help, John expanded Price Hardware into a 39,000 square foot store.

For years, Carol had a vision of what Price Hardware should look like. Sure, there would be plenty of chain saws and lawn mowers to go around, but it needed a softer side – a place where women could explore and shop. Once Carol convinced John to renovate his family business, the project took on a life of its own. They installed 28,000 square feet of new flooring and added The Kitchenette – a store within a store.

The Kitchenette is not just a place to shop for housewares and gourmet kitchen appliances, it has become a place where brides-to-be can register their gift list and a place to attend cooking classes taught by professional chefs. No, Price Hardware is not your average hardware store – it’s much more.

Chances are you won’t find cooking classes at your national chain hardware store, something John and Carol pride themselves on.  “Buying local is the lifeblood of communities and we strive to keep our store unique,” John said. “Keeping tax revenues local will provide jobs and services in these communities and keep towns like Atlanta unique.”

Next time you’re in Texas, stop by Price Hardware to check out their renovation – or learn how to cook! This family owned and operated business has been serving the Atlanta area for 65 years and we at Independent We Stand hope they stick around for 65 more.

Curt Bates, Carol & John Price of Price Hardware True Value

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