The Competitive Foot – A Passion for Running

The Competitive Foot – A Passion for Running

The Competitive Foot was the first athletic shoe store in Illinois. Tim Eggert opened the Western Springs location in 1974, when it was unheard of for a store to only carry athletic shoes. The business proved to be a success and Tim went on to open a second location in Oak Park three years later. With over 38 years of experience in the athletic shoe business, it is easy to see that Tim is passionate about what he does.

Since grade school, Tim has been involved and highly interested in sports ranging from running, baseball, hockey and basketball. After college at Southern Illinois University, Tim went to work full-time in the financial district of Chicago.  He grew unhappy with this position and wanted to open a business based upon his keen interest in sports. Tim was one of the early visionaries that saw an opportunity in a store that specialized solely on athletic shoes and workout gear.

The Competitive Foot's friendly and experienced staff has a passion for running and selling.  “We feel that this sets us apart from our national competitors and chains” says Sara Mathews, store manager.  Many employees, some of who started out as loyal customers, have been with the business for over 10 years, making a combined total of over 100 years experience!

Each and every employee at The Competitive Foot works hard to meet the needs of their customers. “We’ve had the joy of watching our customers’ families grow and expand over the years” says Sara. “Watching parents come in with their young children who go on to become our next generation of customers is truly rewarding.”

The Competitive Foot is open 7 days a week and participates in many local running and athletic events throughout the year. As a mainstay of the community, they meet their customers’ needs by carrying all of the top brands in footwear and accessories.

Tim and his staff love to support their fellow local businesses by purchasing everyday items needed to make the store run. From places like Dressel's Hardware down the street, to the local vegetarian restaurant, Munch, Tim feels “It is extremely important to support local business because the sales tax revenue that is generated stays in the community and local residents are employed year round.”

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