Time & Pay Works Hard So You Can Work Hard for Customers.

Randy Philpott knows how much time it takes companies to do basic business functions like gathering, entering and calculating data for payroll and managing benefits and human resources.  He sees how much time these redundant tasks take away from efforts focused on building a business and helping clients, which is why he opened Time & Pay in December of 2010.

Randy has been in the payroll services industry for almost 20 years.  He has always been fascinated by office automation, and his careers over the years have revolved around making his clients’ jobs more streamlined.  He decided to open Time & Pay because he understands the benefits of automating business processes and has a passion for helping business owners reduce employee labor costs and the expenses related to managing a workforce.

At Time & Pay, customer service is key.  According to Randy “Our national competitors are great at saturating our local market with sales representatives, but after the sale, their reps move on to the next  prospect and the servicing is left to someone in another state that the client has never met.” The ratio of service representatives to clients is much lower at Time & Pay than their national competitors.  Furthermore, Randy makes it a point to keep his employees happy so that they stick with Time & Pay.  This allows clients to engage in a more personal relationship with their representatives.

As a local business owner himself, Randy knows how important community support is; which is why he supports the local businesses in his area as much as possible.  Many of these businesses are clients.  Whether he’s enjoying the crab cocktail at Surf Rider Restaurant or stopping for the Brunswick Stew at Bennett’s Creek Farm Market & Deli, Randy is sure to patronize independent businesses whenever and wherever he can.

To Randy, the benefits of buying local are obvious.  “Buying local keeps the flow of money and profits within the community and strengthens our local economy.  The service is better, the products are better, and being able to know and work with people within your own community just feels right.”

Randy is right – buying local does a lot of good for local economies.  In fact, locally owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than chains and internet retailers.  To learn more about buying local or to locate indie businesses in your area, visit www.IndependentWeStand.org.

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Randy Philpott

Randy Philpott, Time & Pay

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