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In 1984, the four McCrimmon brothers - John, Ronald, Christopher and Clifton - opened up We Care Lawn Care. Business was steady, but the brothers were fed up with dealing with substandard products and companies that couldn’t fix their malfunctioning equipment. As it turns out, other lawn companies in the area were having the same problems.

Through good relationships and great handiwork, the McCrimmon brothers did a good business doing engine repairs for these other lawn companies. In fact, they got so busy that in 1995 they ended up opening their own shop, Mac Equipment Inc. Over the past 16 years, Mac Equipment has grown from a specialty store to one of the largest equipment dealers in the north Colorado area.

Exemplary knowledge of their products and extreme dedication to customer service has made Mac the go-to equipment store in Loveland, Co. - regardless of whether patrons are actually purchasing from the store. Last month’s snow storm sent tons of people into Mac, and not necessarily to stock up on supplies. “After the storm, a lot of trees were down,” said John. “People brought in chain saws from big box stores and didn’t know how to put them together. We helped them out, and now they’re our customers.”

You’ll often hear John saying “we help customers before, during and after the sale.” At Mac Equipment, the McCrimmon brothers and their employees would never let a customer walk out of the store not knowing how to work the product at hand. Customer service is their number one priority. At Mac, each employee has a wealth of knowledge that they are excited to share to find each customer the right product and to keep that product well maintained.

When you buy local at stores like Mac Equipment, you’re not just helping out the owners – you’re helping the employees and the families they support. As of now, Mac Equipment is supporting eleven Loveland families. “It all comes down to this – at Mac Equipment and at most small businesses, we take good care of our employees and they take good care of us,” said John. Thanks to the McCrimmon brothers, these families also know the benefits of buying local and do so whenever they can.

At Mac Equipment Inc., you’ll find better customer service, a greater wealth of knowledge and great prices.  Once you purchase a product, you won’t be left high and dry, you can come back to Mac whenever you have a question about a purchase and chances are the staff will know you by name. Do you think you can find that kind of customer dedication at a big box store?

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