Metzger's Hardware Helps Local Firehouse Fire Up the Grill for Recognition During COVID Pandemic

Metzger's Hardware Helps Local Firehouse Fire Up the Grill for Recognition During COVID Pandemic

Los Alamos local hardware store Metzger's Hardware opened in 1947 and has grown with their local community ever since. At the start, the business was an auto supply and general hardware store but has expanded to be a one-stop-shop hardware store in the Los Alamos, New Mexico area. Metzger's Hardware provides the local community with everyday hardware necessities in addition to services and products typically only found at big-box retailers.

Being a local business, it's important to the store that they give back to their local community as they support local schools, youth groups, and sports teams alike. The business has also recently worked with the Local Garden Club to help restore a historic rose garden at Fuller Lodge in Los Alamos. When asked about his dedication to the local community, General Manager David Jolly says, "In a small town, a business like this can make a huge difference, and I truly enjoy being a part of that".

Metzger's Hardware recognizes the importance of essential emergency services, especially during the COVID Pandemic, and decided to partner with Traeger to donate a state-of-the-art wood pellet grill to the local firehouse. Firefighters continue to work countless overtime hours away from their families due to short staffing during the pandemic, and David Jolly of Metzger's Hardware recognized this. Because of this, when Traeger mentioned the opportunity for a donated grill, Jolly knew who deserved it most.

When tasked with deciding on which of the six local fire stations should receive the grill, Fire Chief Troy Hughes couldn't choose just one station and told General Manager Jolly that he'd like to purchase five additional grills, showing each of the six fire stations appreciation for their dedication to their communities. Jolly tried to convince Traeger to donate the additional five grills, but they wouldn't go for it, but Metzger's Hardware was able to offer special pricing on the additional five grills thanks to Traeger.

Firehouses are all family and often provide for each other. David and the local community often see firefighters picking up groceries for the entire firehouse as they often cook meals for the group. When cooking meals for the firehouse, firefighters often worry they'll be called out to an emergency in the middle of cooking, and these state-of-the-art Traeger Grills help to avoid spoiled food by allowing operation via an app on a smartphone.

"Chief Hughes took a little idea and made it into a big idea by gifting every local firehouse with a Traeger Grill as appreciation for their help during the COVID-19 pandemic, just in time for the holidays", says David Jolly.

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