National Coffee Day Celebrates Local Caffeinators

National Coffee Day Celebrates Local Caffeinators

This time of year, many American coffee drinkers flock to the national chain coffeeshops for their beloved pumpkin beverages. Others make the transition from iced coffee to hot coffee, in anticipation of falling temperatures. In a country that often defines seasons based on their appropriate caffeinated beverage, there’s one day that should specifically recognize the local shops that keep the coffee industry cozy and creative. National Coffee Day honors the country’s coffee culture on September 29.

It’s no secret that Americans love their coffee, but there’s more to the coffee-drinking experience than sipping from a warm mug. Coffee shops provide cozy and comfortable places to gather, read and work. They open earlier than most other businesses in the community, like a welcoming beacon of morning light. On National Coffee Day, you can bet they will have their trademark drinks and familiar aromas brewing bright and early.

When you stop for your morning cup of Joe on National Coffee Day, consider where you go. Locally and independently owned coffee shops reflect their community more genuinely than their national chain counterparts. They brew creative beverages and welcome neighbors into their picturesque shops. More than coffee, these local businesses brew success for their communities.

“The income from local coffee shops stays within the area since food and supplies are usually purchased from nearby sources, while the national chains send their funds to shareholders,” says Dana Lowie, one of the founders of Coffee Underground, a local coffee shop in Greenville, South Carolina. “It is also important to help grow the middle class with the success of small and mid-size businesses. While the occasional visit to a national chain is an essential visit, remember that a local shop might be just down the road.”

Coffee Underground represents what so many consumers love about their local coffee shops. Lowie and her business partner were inspired to start their coffee shop after a trip to Seattle, the American coffee mecca. The business began as a simple coffee cart set up downtown during local festivals and other limited hours. As the business grew, Coffee Underground began to occupy a permanent space, complete with a cozy seating area, a gallery room that features local artists and a theater room fit for live improv shows and independent film screenings. In its Greenville neighborhood, Coffee Underground provides a comfortable place to caffeinate, relax and create.

Like so many locally owned coffee shops, Coffee Underground reflects the creative culture of its local community. On National Coffee Day, experience the culture of your community by visiting a locally owned coffee shop rather than the national chain. To find a coffee shop near you, try searching Independent We Stand’s local business search or mobile app.

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