Neighborhood Toy Store Day Kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season

Neighborhood Toy Store Day Kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season

This holiday season, there’s a welcoming and vibrant place to get all the toys on your children’s wish lists—and it’s not the North Pole. Independent toy stores across the country have the interactive, educational and must-have toys for kids of all ages much closer to home. On November 9, these independent toy retailers will kick off the holiday shopping season with Neighborhood Toy Store Day.

Neighborhood Toy Store Day celebrates the independent toy stores that serve local communities across the United States. These small businesses curate unique collections for local children and give back to the community by reinvesting their profits in the local economy. They may not have elves or reindeer, but they have much more magic than a big box or online-only retailer.

Independent, brick-and-mortar toy stores are places of play. They’re places where kids—and kids at heart—can interact with the latest toys in-person, where there is no screen required. They spark kids’ imaginations in ways that scrolling through screens and waiting in big-box lines simply can’t compare. Perhaps most importantly, they’re filled with passionate employees who care about the kids and families they serve.

On Neighborhood Toy Store Day, hundreds of independent toy stores across the country will celebrate the start of the holiday shopping season with family-friendly activities, in-store specials and more. Customers can find the latest toys at the top of every kid’s wish list and learn about a dedicated small business in the community. Parents can ask questions about each toy and each manufacturer, to get peace of mind that each holiday gift is safe for play.

Neighborhood Toy Store Day is organized by the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA), which represents more than 1,800 independent retailers, manufacturers and sales representatives of the specialty toy industry. Because ASTRA is committed to promoting healthy, high-quality toys, customers can have confidence shopping at member retailers in their community.

On November 9, kick off the holiday shopping season in a magical way. Head to your nearest independent toy retailer to fulfill holiday wish lists without a screen or a big box. Find participating retailers near you at the Neighborhood Toy Store Day website.

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