Our 42nd Avenue Connects People to Portland

Our 42nd Avenue Connects People to Portland

The city of Portland, Oregon, has become known for its unique, vibrant culture – and it’s local-minded organizations like Our 42nd Avenue that keep the culture lively. Spanning a bustling neighborhood in northeast Portland, Our 42nd Avenue works to support local businesses and community members, helping them feel connected to their community. Beyond a good feeling, Our 42nd Avenue gives its community important, visible results.

Our 42nd Avenue’s work reflects the culture of the local community through and through. In fact, the façade of its office on – of course – 42nd Avenue is adorned with a colorful mural of Jackie Robinson, who wore the number 42 during his groundbreaking baseball career. The diversity and progress that characterized Robinson’s baseball career also guide Our 42nd Avenue in its work to support Portland’s local businesses and residents. For instance, the organization offers various grant programs for local businesses, often prioritizing women- and minority-owned businesses for funding. Through grants, local businesses and community programs can deepen their roots in the Portland community.

Our 42nd Avenue logoThe work of Our 42nd Avenue also keeps the community moving forward – even if that means moving a little slower. Last year, the organization campaigned on behalf of local businesses and community members in its neighborhood for a lower speed limit along its namesake street. In January, Our 42nd Avenue announced that the speed limit had been officially reduced to 25 miles per hour, creating a safer experience for pedestrians in the walkable district. Local businesses and parks line the busy street, and the lower speed limit reflects the foot-traffic-friendly environment.

Still, slower traffic does not mean a less active community. Our 42nd Avenue also recently opened a collaborative project called (com)motion, a multicultural movement studio. (com)motion strives to reflect the diversity of the community with classes in yoga, tai chi, capoeira, African dance and more. Through (com)motion, Our 42nd Avenue and its local partners connect people to the Portland community through motion.

From community business grants to community movement, Our 42nd Avenue supports its Portland neighborhood with activism and initiatives that deliver visible results and an intangible connection to the community. For more information, visit www.42ave.org.

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