Out of the Box Physician Practice Experience

Out of the Box Physician Practice Experience

Dr. Clark’s Center for Weight Loss Success:

When you enter the Center for Weight Loss Success in Newport News, VA, it’s readily apparent that this physician’s office was designed with you in mind.  Dr. Thomas W. Clark and his professional staff provide comprehensive weight loss services in a non-traditional, warm, safe, motivating and fun office where your success and satisfaction are their goals.

The state-of-the-art facility, where Dr. Clark and his professional staff offer surgical weight loss procedures, non-surgical weight loss programs, delicious nutritional weight loss products (available to anyone) and fitness services, opened in 2011.  However, Dr. Clark has been a practicing physician in Hampton Roads since 1994 when he moved here to begin his surgical career.  Hampton Roads is home for him, his wife and their four children.

Dr. Clark recognized that it was – and still is --  an uncertain time to create this facility, which is unlike any other in the United States, especially for a solo-practitioner.  However, for him, it was the right thing to do in order to help his patients long-term.  You see, weight loss surgery is just a tool to lose weight, but unless people fully understand how to use their tool properly, long-term success can be compromised.  Seeing some patients struggle over time after surgery was very frustrating for them…and Dr. Clark.  In response, this board certified surgeon decided to become board certified in Bariatric Medicine as well and provide his patients with services they need conveniently under one roof.  He also created Weight Management University™, which is an exclusive educational program to guide people step-by-step throughout their individualized weight loss journey.  This program is combined with individualized counseling and behavior modification/fitness classes.  The response has been phenomenal.  This has allowed Dr. Clark and his expert staff to expand their services to people who want successful, medically supervised weight loss success with or without surgery.

As you know, owning your own business can be very frustrating and risky – especially in today’s environment.  However, it provides you with the opportunity to provide unique services in an “out of the box” environment.  It helps you exceed client expectations.  Dr. Clark is committed to helping people be successful long-term – and enjoy their journey along the way.  The mission at the Center for Weight Loss Success is to create a community of motivated people who understand how to manage their weight…for life.  So whether you are looking for surgical weight loss, non-surgical weight loss, weight loss nutrition or fitness, the Center for Weight Loss Success is the place for you!  Check them out at www.cfwls.com.

Dr. Thomas W. Clark is one of the most experienced and sought after bariatric surgeons in the United States.  He has performed nearly 4,000 weight loss procedures and is one of the elite few board certified surgeons who is also board certified in bariatric medicine.  He is a best-selling author for two books - Game Changers and Less Weight More Life. Dr. Clark speaks often for national organizations such as the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and contributes regularly to publications in and around Virginia.  For more information about Dr. Clark, visit www.cfwls.com. You can also follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/docweightloss , Facebook at www.facebook.com/weightlossdrclark, You Tube at www.youtube.com/docweightloss and his online weight loss TV station at www.DocWeightLoss.TV

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