PagePart – “The Easiest Way to Go Mobile”

PagePart – “The Easiest Way to Go Mobile”

By Randy Parker, Founder & CEO of PagePart


Today’s consumers use more screens than ever. They wake up and check their smartphones. Then, they head to work and sit at a desktop computer all day. On their lunch break, they read the newspaper on their tablets. At home, they use their laptops to connect with friends on social media and shop online. How many of these screens is your very small business reaching? Chances are, it’s not enough, but at PagePart, we want to change that.


Too many VSBs (Very Small Businesses) are missing a sufficient online presence. Unfinished websites, inactive Facebook pages, and blogs that haven’t seen a new post in more than a year won’t cut it in today’s digital world. National chains entered the digital world long ago, offering mobile coupons, email deals, and customer reviews. Now, it’s time for VSBs to level the playing field by creating a digital, mobile presence of their own.


Whether they don’t understand the importance of it, or they just don’t know how to get started, VSB owners without an online presence are missing out. They’re missing an opportunity to compete with national chains. They’re missing the 97 percent of Internet users who look for local goods and services online. They’re missing the 75 percent of smartphone users who have contacted a local business they found using their device. To reach these consumers, you need a website – a functional, mobile-friendly website.


PagePart gives you just that. Catering specifically to VSBs, PagePart takes your business’s Facebook page and turns it into a professional, mobile website – for free. Our Daily Dashboard lets you post to all your social media followers on multiple platforms at the same time and helps you track engagement with your site. Our team will also send you personalized recommendations for promoting and growing your business online. Together, these services will put your VSB on the map, letting mobile customers find you on the go, and helping you compete with the national chains that have already gone mobile.


An innovative solution for small business owners, PagePart takes the guesswork out of building a mobile website. If you have a small business and a Facebook page, PagePart will help you connect with new customers, no matter what screen they use most. To get started, sign up for free at


pagepart About Randy Parker


Randy Parker is the founder and CEO of PagePart and the founder of Constant Contact, a highly successful online marketing suite for small businesses. He has been an advocate for very small businesses for 20 years, using his foresight and understanding of the mobile movement to help these business owners succeed.   

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