Patronicity Raises More Than $1 Million for Main Streets

Patronicity Raises More Than $1 Million for Main Streets

Unprecedented challenges demand innovative solutions—and buy local groups are stepping up. As small businesses and Main Street organizations across the country begin to rebuild and, in many cases, continue to cope with the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis, crowdfunding platform Patronicity is helping them access much-needed capital. Patronicity’s small business program has raised more than $1.2 million for Main Streets and their businesses since the outbreak began.

Patronicity is a crowdfunding platform for community improvement projects. Local businesses and community organizations work with dedicated coaches to build and promote their crowdfunding campaigns. Patronicity provides each project with a landing page to drive online donations, as well as a tool to track in-person donations at the point of sale. Thanks to this independent coaching and hands-on approach, more than 90 percent of Patronicity campaigns are successfully funded.

Part of what makes Patronicity different from other crowdfunding platforms is its ability to connect fundraisers with matching grants. In addition to working with local businesses and Main Street organizations, Patronicity works with state agencies, private foundations and other organizations looking to invest in their communities. Patronicity connects these donor organizations with crowdfunding projects. In return, the donor organizations typically commit to match each donation received through the crowdfunding program on a one-to-one basis. This matching system allows fundraisers, like small businesses, local nonprofits and downtown associations, to double the impact of their crowdfunding efforts.

The Patronicity platform has become even more helpful for Main Streets since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak this spring. Patronicity waived platform fees and allowed rolling funds distributions during crowdfunding campaigns to give small businesses increased access to quick capital during their shutdowns. What’s more, Patronicity’s coaches kept working from afar to give fundraisers guidance as they navigated the crisis.

Now, as much of the economy begins to reopen, the investment generated by Patronicity’s crowdfunding platform will help small businesses and Main Street organizations rebuild what the pandemic tried to take away. For more information on Patronicity and its small business program, visit


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