Plus 1 Performance Tire Pros Demonstrates Key Small Business Values In Highland, California

Plus 1 Performance Tire Pros Demonstrates Key Small Business Values In Highland, California

No matter what community or what industry they’re in, all small businesses share certain fundamental characteristics. They develop good relationships with their customers, they select high-quality products based on firsthand experience, they give back to local causes and they reinvest in their local economies. In Highland, California, Plus 1 Performance Tire Pros demonstrates these important qualities in their own way, leveraging the support of a national brand in a local context.

Plus 1 is an independent, family-owned Tire Pros dealer and service provider near San Bernardino. In business, Plus 1 Tire Pros emphasizes customer service, as the family- and community-oriented team strives to provide a simple, professional and hassle-free tire and automotive experience. For instance, when it comes to service and repairs, Plus 1 Tire Pros always walks customers through the issue and the repair by explaining what work is necessary and what parts are needed. The company’s connection to Tire Pros makes this superior customer service all the more possible by allowing Plus 1 to offer exclusive deals and a wider selection of products, while still maintaining the personal touch that comes naturally to a small business.

Beyond the business, the Plus 1 family gives back in meaningful ways. Plus 1 is a member of the Rotary Club in San Bernardino, which provides scholarships for local students, donations for the troops overseas and support for local schools. Plus 1 also uses business expertise to support the community by providing valuable and timely information about tire and auto safety through a blog on its website. This expertise comes as a by-product of doing business in and having a passion for the automotive industry, but sharing it in a way that can help customers allows Plus 1 to have a lasting impact beyond a customer’s purchase and repair.

It’s this constant support for customers and the community that makes Plus 1 a good fit for Highland and a good fit for Tire Pros. Tire Pros, the nation’s largest network of elite, independent tire dealers, encourages its more than 600 dealers to be proud of their local and independent status. Tire Pros works to keep things local, while helping its dealers compete with national chains – a business model that Plus 1 Performance Tire Pros carries out successfully in its California community.

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