The Positive Cycle of Giving Back: Medley's Hardware

The Positive Cycle of Giving Back: Medley's Hardware

In the small town of Carlisle, Indiana is local Medley's Hardware, a family-owned hardware store that's had a presence in the town for over 55 years. The business cares deeply about the availability of supplies for the local community, in addition to giving back to schools and programs in the area. The local community, specifically the Carlisle Haddon Volunteer Fire Department, has a deep-rooted relationship with Medley's Hardware as they often help each other out no matter what's needed.

When asked about his relationship with the local fire department, owner Tim Medley says, “Everything they do, we support them, always have. We live in a small community where you have to support each other.”

Medley's Hardware owner Tim Medley has been working for the business since the age of 24, later bought the business at 34, and has owned it ever since. Since his ownership, his wife, two sons, and four daughters have had a strong presence in the store, helping out where they could as they know the importance of supporting the local community. Tim's son James had the most interest in the hardware store, and at the onset of the pandemic saw an opportunity for a second location. In the neighboring town of Sullivan, Indiana, Tim and James saw the need of the community for a trustworthy local hardware store that the people of Sullivan could rely on.

The community of Sullivan was beyond excited to have a brand-new local hardware store and truly stepped up when the business faced supply chain and logistics challenges for the store opening. After shelving was installed in the revamped 6200 square foot second location the local community, specifically the Carlisle Haddon Volunteer Fire Department, rolled up their sleeves and got to work stocking and shelving products to ensure a quick and smooth opening. The crew even received a fire call while stocking shelves, but once the situation was resolved, went right back to the store to solidify the August 2nd opening of the second location.

The entire Sullivan community was ecstatic for the opening of this new local hardware store, and the county government even contributed funds to repair the store's parking lot and make it easier for delivery trucks to access the store. This story is a perfect example of what buying local is all about, supporting each other in a time of need, and giving back to the local community. Medley's Hardware, a Do It Best member, is passionate about supporting their local community and are excited to support Sullivan, IN just like they've supported Carlisle for years to come.

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