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A brand with unparalleled product quality, over three centuries of combined expertise, knowledge and service, the best color program in the business, and an unwavering dedication to the independent paint retailers, independent painters and independent doers; PPG Pittsburgh Paints is committed to providing homeowners with the highest quality products and services.

PPG Pittsburgh Paints is also home to an experienced team of color experts and consultants. Along with their top scientists, chemists, technicians and field staff, their color team researches market trends, analyzes design trends and consumer preferences and forecasts color directions to maintain the top trends in the paint world. For more information about PPG Pittsburgh Paints visit http://www.ppgpittsburghpaints.com/ or you can speak to a representative directly by calling toll-free 1‑800‑441‑9695. If you are a paint retailer interested in the brand, please contact 724-742-5417. They can also be reached by email at tchsrvaf@ppg.com

ppg pittsburgh paints
PPG Pittsburgh Paints

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Independent We Stand Independent We Stand