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A Premium Membership gets your business more exposure, more resources, and more guidance – all for less than $5 a month*. Premium Members get to upgrade their business listings with more robust content including links to social media accounts, product photography/descriptions, catalogs/menus, newsletters, coupons, Yelp reviews and more. In addition, Premium listings receive search priority over Basic Members, meaning that your business will show up first when it counts. Premium Members also get exclusive access to customizable point of sale, social media, public relations and other marketing materials. Join Independent We Stand today or upgrade to a Premium Membership now to put our tools and experience to work for your small business.

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Cost Per Year$49
Number of Business Categories (ex. Food and Dining, Hardware, Florist)3
Search Keywords (ex. Italian food, chainsaws, accounting services)6
Business Name, Address and Phone Numbercheckmark
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Customizable "Buy Local" Marketing Materialscheckmark
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  • Qualifying Guidelines

  • 1. Is your business privately owned and free from control of any national chain?
  • 2. Do you conduct the majority of your business in the local region in which it's based and do most of the business' owners live in the state in which it is based?
  • 3. Is your business based locally and is your corporate headquarters inside the region in which you are located?
  • 4. Do you make the majority of the decisions regarding the business name, appearance and operations?
  • 5. Do you pay most of your operating expenses without assistance from a corporate headquarters?

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