Promoboxx Stands Up for Small Businesses

Promoboxx Stands Up for Small Businesses

By Alex Gladu, Independent We Stand

Promoboxx, a brand-to-retailer marketing platform, provides big brands with the tools and resources their retailers need to succeed in online marketing. However, a recent gesture in support of one family-owned restaurant shows just how far Promoboxx will go to support the small, too.

It all started when Harvard Business School professor Ben Edelman confronted small business owner Ran Duan. Duan owns the Baldwin Bar located inside Sichuan Garden, a popular Boston-based Chinese restaurant owned by his family. Edelman claimed that he had been charged $4 more than he should have been because the prices listed on Sichuan Garden’s website were out of date.  The email thread quickly became an abrasive attack on the family-owned business when Edelman reported the error to authorities and hinted that legal action could be taken against the restaurant, despite Duan’s offer to refund Edelman the difference.

After hearing about the commotion, Promoboxx, which is also based in Boston, took a simple – yet powerfully symbolic – stand. Promoboxx employees were sent to Sichuan Garden to order $500 worth of food. The company then invited the community – including Edelman – to join them for the lunch. Additionally, Promoboxx will be offering their marketing talents to the restaurant.

“Basically we’re there to say we’re there for them and everything will be OK,” Promoboxx CEO Ben Carcio told BostonInno.

With help from Promoboxx, an unusually intense customer complaint became an opportunity for the small business community of Boston to rally around one of its own. To learn more about Promoboxx and how it supports local businesses, visit

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