Haywood Builders Supply Built By Customer Service

Haywood Builders Supply Built By Customer Service

At Haywood Builders Supply Co., customer service is a two-way street. As a local business, this supply store offers spectacular customer service and gives back to the community in every way possible. But even more remarkable is how the customers have turned around to serve the business they have come to appreciate.

After a Friday-evening fire destroyed Haywood Builders Supply’s store location and two of its warehouses in 1997, customers got to work early Saturday morning to repair the damage. “The coordination and cooperation of our customers and friends was extraordinary,” says Danny Wingate, vice president and general manager of the company. “On Monday morning, with their help, we were able to do business in spite of the still-smoldering buildings nearby!”

This outpouring of support from customers is certainly a testament to this local business’s relationship with the community. The company’s founder, W.I. Dooly, was known for his deep respect for customers and employees. Today, this mentality is embodied by the company’s employee-ownership program, participation in several ‘buy local’ co-ops, and continued attention to customer service. “Our size and localness means that we can promptly react to the needs of our customers,” Danny says. “We are also very involved in our community by serving on various boards and sponsorships of almost any good cause in our community, and we are an employee-stock-ownership company where all of our employees are local owners.”

Haywood Builders Supply also has a good relationship with fellow local businesses. The company turns to these businesses whenever possible as a way to give back to the entire community, using local cleaning services, electricians, painters, printing services, IT services, and much more. “In our rural area, many of the independent businesses have gone by the way,” Wingate says. “Being involved in several nonprofits that help and give back to the community, I know that local businesses are really the ones who support these efforts.”

With this extensive dedication to customers and the community, it’s easy to see why Haywood Builders Supply’s customers quickly volunteered their time and tools after the devastating fire. With the support of customers and valued employees, this local business can continue serving the community despite any obstacle.

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