Mike’s Community Cup – Where Coffee Meets Charity

Mike’s Community Cup – Where Coffee Meets Charity

You may order a coffee with cream and sugar, but you’ll leave Mike’s Community Cup with much more.  At this independent coffee shop in SeaTac, Washington, your coffee craving will bring you the satisfaction of helping your local community.

Mike’s Community Cup was founded with the mission to give back to the local community.  This pervasive spirit of service has allowed the company to donate more than $10,000 to community organizations over the past four years.  “The reason we named it Community Cup was that we wanted to make an impact by helping people in the community,” says owner Mike Condon.  “We love to help the people in our community.”

Mike and his coffee shop team work tirelessly to help their fellow Washingtonians whenever possible. “Last year, our local high school band had the chance to play at the Presidential Inauguration, so we donated $1,400 to sponsor their trip,” Mike says.  That same year, Mike’s Community Cup donated $500 to the high school baseball team so players could get new equipment despite an insufficient athletic budget.  At the beginning of the school year, Mike’s also donated more than 7,000 school supplies to local elementary schools in need.

But Mike’s charitable service hardly ends with the public school system.  His business collected more than 100 toys for Toys for Tots and stuffed 300 Christmas stockings full of gifts for marginally housed or homeless veterans in the area. Mike and his team also worked to provide Thanksgiving dinners to local families in need.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and coffee has become the way to service at Mike’s Community Cup.  Since its inception, Mike’s has given the local community hope in the form of what its members need most – food, school supplies … and coffee.

To learn more about Mike’s Community Cup, like its Facebook page here.

Mike’s Community Cup

Mike Condon, Owner of Mike's Community Cup

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