Red, White, and Local

Red, White, and Local

Independent We Stand is rolling out an all-new look that’s red, white, and blue, and all about you! We’re celebrating the small businesses, hardworking citizens, and dedicated consumers that power our communities and our country everyday.

From small, one-stoplight towns to major skyscraper-filled cities, buying local directly benefits our communities from sea to shining sea.  Across the country, local businesses create jobs and generate money for the communities they serve.  According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses accounted for 67 percent of the net new jobs created since the recession, creating new opportunities when Americans need them the most.

Additionally, these businesses keep our local economies running by reinvesting revenue in the local market and keeping consumers’ dollars in the community.  Local retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy than chain retailers who export profits to a distant headquarters. By keeping money local, small businesses contribute more money to local schools, parks, neighborhoods, and infrastructure than large businesses.

Locally owned, independent businesses also reflect the diverse population that makes the United States unique. From specialty hobby stores to niche restaurants and hotels, no two small businesses are exactly the same, and no two communities have the same collection of these businesses. This variety keeps our cities and towns heterogeneous, making them unique and desirable destinations for residents and visitors alike. The variety also means that there is something for everyone in a community with a thriving small business presence.

Like all Americans, every small business has a story, and together those stories represent the American dream: the ability to turn passion into success. Small business owners are committed, passionate members of the community, as both business leaders and caring citizens. They hire local workers, serve the needs of local customers, and give back to local causes. Since the birth of the nation, small businesses have been the backbone of the American economy, driving economic growth and introducing diverse interests to the consumer market. Join Independent We Stand in the growing ‘buy local’ movement today to preserve independence, diversity, and stability in our local communities.

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