Retail Minded: A Retail Lifestyle Publication

Retail Minded: A Retail Lifestyle Publication

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder & Editorial Director of Retail Minded Magazine writes about why she created a magazine specifically for small businesses.

After working for some of the nation’s most well respected corporate retailers (including Nordstrom, Sears Holdings and Adidas America), I decided I wanted to help contribute to the dreams of indie business owners in an effort to help them gain valuable education, news and support. After all, unlike the corporate retailers I learned so much from, most indie businesses don’t have their own PR, marketing, HR, merchandising and other operational teams. And like many of the entrepreneurs I so admired, I was driven to create a professional life doing something I love. It just so happens what I love is retail, small businesses, education and people. Together, this equals a recipe to help support independent retailers and other small businesses worldwide, which I do through my publication – Retail Minded Magazine.

Founded first as a consulting based business in 2007, Retail Minded has organically grown to the nation’s only retail lifestyle publication. It’s always been my belief that running your own retail store is more than just a job - it’s a lifestyle – which is why Retail Minded supports retailers both IN and OUT of their stores. From in-store operations to the personal well being of store owners, Retail Minded Magazine takes a complete look at the lives of entrepreneurs. And like our audience, we’re indie ourselves – so we truly understand long hours and tired feet, the exhilarating rush of a job well done, the uncertainty of next month’s numbers and so many other things.

Offered in both print and digital, Retail Minded Magazine has an impressive Advisory Board of industry leaders from a variety of retail and business sectors that help lead us in providing you valuable information through our publication. Additionally, I spend every day speaking with retailers and researching latest trends that truly make sense for small retailers, as well as try to identify affordable ways to help you achieve continued and growing success in a changing economy. I welcome you to experience Retail Minded yourself and as always, I love hearing from indies nationwide! Please enjoy $10 off an annual print subscription with code RMIWSPRINT or $5 off an annual digital subscription with code RMIWSDIGITAL at

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