Road Trip Update: Day Three In Our Indie Roadster

Road Trip Update: Day Three In Our Indie Roadster

On Monday, June 29, the team took off on the"Main Streets Make Us Better" road trip. Along the way, we are visiting five cities, in five states, in five days while, we try to eat, stay, and play local the entire way. We have been interviewing business owners and community advocates to raise awareness of the importance and strong economic impacts that America’s 'Main Streets' – and the small businesses you’ll find them on – have on local communities and local economies.

FCA US LLC and Ram Trucks provided us with our RAM ProMaster City, which we like to call 'The Indie Roadster." Considering all the tight spots we have been in, literally, it has been a savior. So far we have traveled the roads of Detroit, Michigan, to Doylestown, Pennsylvannia, with two more states to go.

Our interviews in Michigan included: STIHL dealers and FCA US LLC dealers - to - a catering company and Main Street organizations. On Tuesday, June 30, we traveled to Cleveland, Ohio, and made a few stops along the way. Interviews included everything from independent hardware stores and restaurants - to - clothing retailers and everything in between.

Today, we went to Doylestown, Pennslyvania, and had the opportunity to meet with Tire Pros dealers, a "Made in America" cabinetry maker, and a brewery that sources local ingredients.

In total we have already traveled over 1,000 miles in our RAM ProMaster City, visited 23 businesses in three cities, did one dozen "Michigan U-turns," and ate at eight different locally-owned restaurants. We are having an incredible time celebrating America's Main Streets.

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