Seattle Mart Brings Main Street to Market

Seattle Mart Brings Main Street to Market

When Seattle’s Pacific Market Center closed, the search for a new wholesale marketplace began in the Pacific Northwest. In 2016, that search culminated with the opening of Seattle Mart, a wholesale center with 33 permanent showrooms to connect local makers with regional retailers. Soon entering its second year, the new Seattle Market is set to gear up for a special week celebrating the Pacific Northwest’s independents.

Seattle Mart opened its doors inside the original corporate headquarters of Boeing, located in Seattle’s historic Georgetown neighborhood. The aircraft manufacturer moved into the space in 1929 and has since relocated its headquarters to Chicago. However, the space that once housed one burgeoning corporation now accommodates dozens of local businesses looking to bring their goods to the retail market. Through these businesses, Seattle Mart shows the Pacific Northwest’s retail community that Main Street matters.

In 33 permanent showrooms, Seattle Mart tenants showcase thousands of products, from children’s toys and housewares to handmade jewelry and handbags. The unique and vast selection caters to the region’s diverse retailers, proving that there is something local for everyone. The showrooms set their own hours throughout the week, but they all come together during Seattle Mart’s Market Days and other collaborative promotions.

One such promotion will take place at the start of the new year. Seattle Mart will hold Seattle Market Week Jan. 17-22, 2018. The event will put the permanent showrooms in front of wholesale buyers and liven the atmosphere with door prizes, happy hour shopping and a cocktail hour. Seattle Market Week will also coincide with the Seattle Gift Show, which will take place Jan. 20-23, 2018. The gift show will feature temporary exhibits at Seattle’s Washington State Convention Center.

Seattle Mart gives local makers and entrepreneurs a place to call home. In a collaborative environment, independent businesses can showcase their goods and capture the wholesale market. Meanwhile, in a historic building, they can remind buyers and customers where they come from. For more information about Seattle Mart or Seattle Market Week, visit

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