Doylestown Community Gears up for Annual Locavore Event

Doylestown Community Gears up for Annual Locavore Event

Locavores are people who commit to eating locally grown and locally produced food whenever possible. The term has also grown to include people that prefer local goods and services over those that are mass produced and shipped long distances. Whatever the reason is for adopting a locavore mentality – health, cost, sustainability – this way of thinking and purchasing has been a big influence on the “buy local” movement.

Superior WoodcraftPeople are starting to understand the positive benefits of buying local and supporting independent businesses. When you buy products and services from independent, locally owned businesses, more money goes back into your local economy. In fact, studies have shown that independent retailers return more than three times more money, per dollar of sales, to their communities than chain competitors.

One town in Pennsylvania truly understands the importance of local businesses supporting each other. Superior Woodcraft, along with Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce, will host a unique event that celebrates the independent businesses in and around Bucks County, Pa. The seventh annual Locavore Networking Event will be held Thursday, February 25 from 5:00 pm to 8:00pm in the cabinet shop at Superior Woodcraft. The event is open to the public, and attendance is free.

In an interview with Independent We Stand, Patrick Kennedy, owner of Superior Woodcraft and longtime supporter says "the Locavore event was created to help educate the consumer about the importance of buying local products."

Doylestown BrewingThe Locavore Networking Event, which is expected to bring in more than 700 members of the community, spotlights an array of locally produced foods and beverages; as well as locally available products and services, to promote the value of supporting local producers and small businesses. This is a great opportunity for local business owners to make new connections and strengthen existing business relationships, while community members sample the local offerings and learn more about the exceptional quality and diversity of these goods and services.

Kennedy says "the Locavore event celebrates the success of our local companies and encourage them to work together to help create a stronger local economy."

Over 35 local businesses in a variety of industries will be featured at the Locavore Event, including Blue Moon Acres, Doylestown Brewing Company, Homestead Coffee Roasters, and Laurie's Chocolates, and many others.

Events like these are important platforms for independent business owners to learn how to work together and support each other. Kennedy believes that “maintaining a sustainable local economy preserves the character and vitality of our community, creates jobs and provides revenue for local schools, programs and other critical resources."

Click here for more information on this event and to learn more about the participating local businesses.

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