Small Business in the News

Small Business in the News

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For this addition of Small Business in the News, The Working Blog focuses on social media strategies to help owners of small businesses improve their social content, increase their following and, as a result, improve their bottom line.

Why You Need to Blog
Disregard any argument you can think up for not maintaining a regular blog for you small business—lack of time, lack of writing ability, lack of ideas and/or lack of audience—all of them are wrong. This is according to Daniel Newman, author of Demystifying Small Business Blogging, an article that points out that the true value of the blog is capitalizing on the expertise your audience (a.k.a. customers) is already willing to attribute to you. As for your initial arguments (lack of time, etc.), Mr. Newman has a valid counterpoint for each.

For more relevant articles on how to use social media for your small business, visit The Working Blog.

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