Small Biz Tip of the Month: 3 Ways to Practice What You Preach

Small Biz Tip of the Month: 3 Ways to Practice What You Preach

By Alex Gladu, Writer, Independent We Stand

Nobody knows the importance of buying local better than small business owners. That’s why nobody should be more dedicated to buying local than these business owners. In business and in everyday life, small business owners can set a good example for their community by spending their hard-earned money at other small businesses.

Small business owners are experts in the local marketplace. They know exactly how much of an impact their business has on the community and they connect with customers on a level that can’t be measured. To really put that expertise to good use though, it’s important that small business owners demonstrate what it means to lead a completely local life.

  1. Find Local-Friendly Office Supplies

Do you need furniture for your office space? Head to a locally owned furniture store. How about coffee and snacks for the break room? Stop by a locally owned coffee shop and bakery. Keep your business – and your employees – running by purchasing office supplies big and small from locally owned retailers. After all, your small business isn’t the only store in town that returns more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy.

  1. Support Locally Owned Service-Providers

When you need IT help or accounting services, it’s nice to have someone nearby, who is familiar with your business and the local area. Keep more money in the community by making sure your service-providers are local companies – they’ll be local-friendly and locally accessible.

  1. Buy Local Beyond the Business

Keep the local life going by buying local in your every day life. Head to a local farmer’s market for produce or a local auto repair shop for maintenance on your ride. It’s important for you to pick small businesses for the same reason your customers pick your business – to keep money in the economy, to get personalized service and to get the highest quality products.

The next time you make a purchase, make sure you practice what you preach. That way, you can be more than just a small business owner – be an advocate for the buy local movement in general. Chances are, you already know of a few local businesses in the community, but to find exactly what you’re looking for, try Independent We Stand’s local business search. For local help on the go, try searching on the mobile app.

Independent We Stand is dedicated to helping independent businesses across the country engage their communities and encouraging customers to buy local. If you’re a business owner, get buy local resources, tips and news by registering for a business membership. Your business will also be included in our ‘locals only’ search engine and mobile app. If you’re a consumer, take the pledge to buy local to join the movement.

About the Author

Alex recently graduated the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with B.A.s in Journalism and Spanish. Since becoming a writer for Independent We Stand, she has fully adopted the ‘buy local’ lifestyle. Her favorite indie business is Sugarland, a bakery in Chapel Hill, N.C, where she has been known to go a little cupcake crazy. She hopes to attend law school and pursue a career in nonprofit or political communication.




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