Staying Connected With Your Local Community

Staying Connected With Your Local Community

By: John Trenta, Devoe® PaintJohn Trenta

Earlier this year, Devoe® Paint spearheaded the inaugural Devoe® Paint a New Start program, a community service initiative dedicated to supporting painting projects for significant local structures.

From Hawaii to Ohio, Devoe® Paint dealers supplied materials and their time to improving local buildings and landmarks - one coat of paint at a time.

It has been such a pleasure to work with these dealers to choose a project and hear directly from the recipients the positive impact the project had on their organization.

While we continue to grow and expand the Devoe® Paint a New Start program for next year, here are a few ways your company can consider getting involved in the local community, based on takeaways from our program.

  1. Sponsorships: Getting your company involved in local events and programs is a fun, easy way to engage with your community. Some ideas include sponsoring a local youth sports team or having a booth at the upcoming crafts fair. It’s important to sponsor something you believe is a worthwhile cause and that aligns with your business’ principles.
  2. Share your expertise: As an independent small business owner, there’s no doubt you’re an expert at your craft. Have you considered sharing your knowledge and expertise with those in your local community? Perhaps hire an apprentice through a local college or offer a workshop on your specific skill.
  3. Work with other volunteer groups: You don’t always need to lead your own volunteer effort. For example, in Shreveport, Devoe® Paint dealers, Mark and Brian Huber aligned their Devoe® Paint a New Start project with the charity project, St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. This allowed them to participate in a well-respected and prominent community service program while simultaneously heading their own volunteer project.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are endless ways to contribute to your town or city. My greatest takeaway from the Devoe® Paint a New Start program is the long-lasting impact a simple donation of your time can make. So whether you have 15 days or just 15 minutes, I encourage you to get out and give back!

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