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Superior Woodcraft, a handcrafted custom cabinetry manufacturer based out of Doylestown, Penn., is known for two things: their exquisite cabinets and their activism in their community. Because they are an independent company, Superior Woodcraft is able to provide unparalleled service to their clients and return a majority of their revenue back to the community.  Superior Woodcraft Vice President, Patrick Kennedy, an avid buy-local activist, is in the midst of several projects to promote buying from independent retailers.

At Superior Woodcraft, each cabinet is made one at a time so it is precisely made for each client’s definition of utility, beauty and harmony.  This is the kind of service you simply cannot find at mass-producing chain retailers.  Although the staff at these big box companies can direct you to the aisle where you can pull a box off a shelf, the staff at Superior Woodcraft retailers will spend hours listening to clients in order to fully understand their needs.  The result of their outstanding service is handcrafted products that pay tribute to the individuals and the families utilizing their products.

Superior Woodcraft has been a family-owned business since its foundation in 1967.  They have always prided themselves on being an independent manufacturer who distributes solely to independent retailers. Today, they are going above and beyond to promote buying local.  A few months ago, Superior Woodcraft hosted the 2nd Annual Locavore-Buy Local networking and business card exchange.  The event brought together more than 400 local business representatives and government officials.

In addition, Kennedy is working with U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick to create an Advisory Panel for Independent Businesses.  The purpose of this panel is to open lines of communication between Bucks County businesses and Fitzpatrick, which will enable him to advocate for legislation, regulation, and tax policy that will promote job creation and prosperity in the local business sector.

Superior Woodcraft is very involved in their community.  Besides returning $68 out of every $100 to the local economy, they support many different organizations in their area.  These include the Buck's County Women's Fund, Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County, The Mann Center for Performing Arts and Travis Manion Foundation.

Sustainable local companies such as Superior Woodcraft create jobs, strengthen the local economy, and provide needed revenue for schools, roads, and other critical services.  Kennedy believes that without a strong local business sector, our entire economy will become weaker.  On the other hand, if everyone in Superior Woodcraft’s region spent just $10 a month at an independent retailer rather than a national chain, $24,979,066 could go back to the local economy.  To see what your local impact would be, go to

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Patrick and Michelle Kennedy of Superior Woodcraft

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