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Indie Profile – American Booksellers Association/Indiebound

Indie Profile – American Booksellers Association/Indiebound

If you want to think of the “bound” in IndieBound as a reference to book binding, that works. After all, its origins are with independent booksellers. But to capture its true scope, you might want to think of IndieBound as independent retailers (including booksellers) bound together in a common cause – because its’ membership and goals are diverse and inclusive. The organization’s website describes IndieBound as “a community-oriented movement begun…read more →

You Can Buy E-Books and Still Buy Local.

Indie bookstore customers no longer have to choose between reading digital and supporting their local bookstore – Lake Forest Book Store is now selling Google eBooks™ online at

The Indie City Index

Civic Economics and the American Booksellers Association have announced the release of the Indie City Index, a ground breaking study that ranks metro areas in the U.S. by the amount of retail business done by independent businesses. Research has demonstrated again and again that independent retailers produce more vibrant local economies because they recirculate dollars within their own communities. The Indie City Index reveals the patterns of that wealth, generating…read more →

Survey Shows Sales Increase for Indie Business

Older post that is worth another read by our friends at the American Booksellers Association that talks about the effect “Buy Local” campaigns had on last year’s holiday sales. Read more…

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand