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Ten New Studies of the

Ten New Studies of the "Local Economic Premium"

Since 2002, a growing number of studies have quantified the local economic benefits delivered by independent businesses, demonstrating locally-owned independent businesses return much more of each dollar in revenue to their communities than chains (i.e. the local premium).

How Much More Impact Do Local Retailers Have?

“Thinking Outside the Box” is a groundbreaking 2009 study conducted by The Urban Conservancy and Civic Economics which shows that compared to leading chain competitors, local New Orleans retailers generate twice the annual sales, recirculate revenues within the local economy at twice the rate, and on a per square foot basis, have four times the economic impact

Local Works! Examining the Impact of Local Business

This ground breaking 2008 study by Civic Economics for Local Works predicted the following impact to the West Michigan economy if consumers shifted just 10% of their spending from national chains to locally-owned businesses: Over 1,600 new jobs $137 million in new economic activity Over $50 million in new wages Imagine the impact if they shifted 15% or 20%? For an executive summary of the study click here.

The Economic Impact of Local Suppliers.

Check out this ground breaking study, conducted by Local First Arizona and Civic Economics in 2007, that shows how a locally-owned office supply company generated nearly three times the economic impact of a national office supply chain in the same market. Read more…

The Indie City Index

Civic Economics and the American Booksellers Association have announced the release of the Indie City Index, a ground breaking study that ranks metro areas in the U.S. by the amount of retail business done by independent businesses. Research has demonstrated again and again that independent retailers produce more vibrant local economies because they recirculate dollars within their own communities. The Indie City Index reveals the patterns of that wealth, generating…read more →

San Francisco Retail Diversity Study

San Francisco Retail Diversity Study

Did you know that even a modest change in your buying behavior can have a tremendous impact on the local economy? Here is the executive summary of a ground breaking study that demonstrates how.

Andersonville Study of Retail Economics

Did you know that when you spend $100 at an independent business, $68 returns to the local community. Spend that same amount at a national chain and it drops to $43.

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand