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Show Local Farmers Some Appreciation.

Show Local Farmers Some Appreciation.

As you begin planning your Thanksgiving menu, please consider buying the ingredients from a local farmer’s market. To help, Independent We Stand has teamed up with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help you find local farmers markets in your community.

Gift buyers like local mom-and-pop shops'.

Economic concerns linger, but mom-and-pop retailers say they finally have some cheer for this holiday shopping season. Nearly half are more optimistic about holiday sales than last year, according to a new survey of 792 small retailers by online small-business community Manta. Four in 10 say they already have better sales compared with last fall.

How Communities Can Benefit From Buying Local

Certainly, there are other retail realities. The existence of any business, chain or not, is often preferred over an abandoned storefront, and will better serve communities void of key supplies for everyday existence.

Giving Moms the Incentive to Buy Local – Bargains!

Several years ago, Ashley E. Kingsley and Whitney Trujllo noticed two trends – small businesses were suffering and couponing websites were starting to heat up. Ashley and Whitney also picked up on a demographic that was not being targeted by other websites, one that they and more than 85 million Americans fit into – moms. In April of 2010, they launched Daily Deals for Moms, a social couponing website intended to support local businesses and provide great deals for moms, an audience whose purchasing power totals more than two trillion dollars per year.

What Local Really Means to Your Grocery Store.

This winter, Wal-Mart announced their plans to bring more local produce to their stores across the United States. The announcement is perhaps one of the most visible indications that the local foods movement has hit the mainstream, as it gains followers for both economic and environmental reasons.

10 Reasons to Eat Local.

Eating local means more for the local economy. According to a study by the New Economics Foundation in London, a dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy.

Bistro AIX - "Why Buy Local."

Sarah Marie Johnston and Chef Tom Gray of Bistro AIX in Jacksonville, Florida talk about the reasons to buy local. Special thanks to Sarah Marie, Chef Tom and GOLo Jacksonville for helping make this video possible.

Farmers Are Rock Stars!

Our newest video features Travis Grimes of Husk Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina as he talks about the importance of local food.

"What is Local?" by Sustainable Table

With the explosion of interest in local food, consumers now have more choices of products, labels, and ways to shop, so, many people are left wondering where to start. Food choices can be overwhelming, and changing where and how we shop can be stressful. On the other hand, the benefits of buying local can be great. Sustainable Table’s “Eat Local, Buy Local, Be Local” section is designed to help consumers…read more →

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