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Independent We Stand Holiday Gift Guide

Independent We Stand Holiday Gift Guide

We wanted to make it easy for you to find great gifts from locally owned businesses. So we created the Independent We Stand Holiday Gift Guide as a way for you to find and share the special items that you can only find at independently owned businesses.

Shop Small on Small Business Saturday

Shop Small on Small Business Saturday

November 24th is the third annual Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide. We are proud to be partnering with American Express once again to help make this event the biggest day of the year for small businesses. This year, over 100 million people will “shop small” on Small Business Saturday.

People will want to eat even

People will want to eat even "smaller" in 2013

The big food makers face a serious challenge for 2013: Consumers will want to eat even “smaller.” Not smaller as in less, but smaller as in locally grown, inspired by street vendors and loaded with fresh, veggie concoctions. So says a 2013 food trends report by the research firm Culinary Visions, scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

Three Reasons Buying Local Will Save US Economy

Three Reasons Buying Local Will Save US Economy

As a US product evangelist and humanity realist, I would like to get three points across that will hopefully convince you and all fellow Americans that buying US-made goods is the answer to turning our economic boat around.  In the end, all the effort it takes on our part is to give two minutes of thought and time to research your local alternatives before clicking the “buy” button.  Really, just…read more →

Buying Local Pays Big Dividends for Maine

A new study produced by the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) has found that, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the local economic impact of independently owned businesses in Portland is significantly greater than that of national chains. MECEP found that every $100 spent at locally owned businesses contributes an additional $58 to the local economy. By comparison, $100 spent at a representative national chain store in Portland yields just $33 in local economic impact. Read more…

Bistro AIX - "Why Buy Local."

Sarah Marie Johnston and Chef Tom Gray of Bistro AIX in Jacksonville, Florida talk about the reasons to buy local. Special thanks to Sarah Marie, Chef Tom and GOLo Jacksonville for helping make this video possible.

The Mower Shop Uses Expert Knowledge and Community Service”

Local businesses may wonder how they can compete with big box stores – they have larger budgets, longer hours and more advertising. For The Mower Shop owner, Brian Humbert, the answer is simple: local businesses have more knowledge of their products, better service and customer support. Big box stores may have an impact, but “we’ve certainly found out, through the years, that we can compete,” said Humbert. And their ability to compete helps boost their local economy.

Local Works! Examining the Impact of Local Business

This ground breaking 2008 study by Civic Economics for Local Works predicted the following impact to the West Michigan economy if consumers shifted just 10% of their spending from national chains to locally-owned businesses: Over 1,600 new jobs $137 million in new economic activity Over $50 million in new wages Imagine the impact if they shifted 15% or 20%? For an executive summary of the study click here.

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