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4 Reasons Buying Local Makes a Global Impact

4 Reasons Buying Local Makes a Global Impact

Buy Local or Buy Fair Trade? Which would you choose? Unfortunately there are some who seem to think that the Fair Trade Movement is not compatible with Buy Local campaigns. Not so! The two movements complement each other well and in this article, I make the case why that is so.

Heine Brothers’ Coffee is Keeping Louisville Weird

In honor of Fair Trade Month, we would like to share with you the story of Heine Brothers’ coffee. Between their efforts to keep Heine Brothers Coffee (HBC) shops socially responsible, their dedication to donate to local organizations, and their involvement with their local business movement, it’s a wonder Gary and Mike have time to successfully run nine HBC shops!

What Is "Fair Trade" and Why Should You Care?

When you choose to purchase Fair Trade products, you are endorsing an economic system that provides opportunities for producers to lift themselves out of poverty. Fair Trade provides assurances to consumers that producers are paid fair prices for their products and labor.

Independent We Stand
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