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Andy's Lawn Machinery "It's So Much More Personal"

Locally owned businesses know that to compete with the national chains they have to go the extra mile. Here’s a great example of one that does that with each and every customer. What’s your favorite locally owned business?

Social Media KISS - Keep it Simple and Sharable

What Can Small Businesses Learn from Intel’s Social Media Strategy? Last month at the World Chamber Congress in Mexico City, Ekaterina Walter, Intel’s Social Media Strategist, spoke to thousands of attendees on how small-to-medium businesses (SMB) can utilize social media for engaging and growing their customer bases.

Where You’re Always a Neighbor, Never a Number

Coastal Office Products has been serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia since 1992. When John Willcox took over in 2006, he knew he’d have to compete with mega-giant national office supply stores.

Ten Examples of Things You Can Do to Shop Local

Shopping at locally owned businesses is easy. So next time you’re out and about, getting ready to do some shopping, please think local. Here are ten examples: 1)    Buy a book at a neighborhood book store. 2)    Eat lunch at a local sub shop. 3)    Purchase a birthday present at a local gift shop. 4)    Buy ingredients for your next family dinner at a farmer’s market. 5)    Work off that…read more →

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