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Scotty’s Lawn Equipment Brings a Small Town Together

Scotty’s Lawn Equipment Brings a Small Town Together

A small town of roughly 1,500 people, Haubstadt, Indiana, bills itself as a “shining example of how towns are supposed to work.” The town proudly boasts a strong tradition of “neighbors helping neighbors,” giving it the close-knit community feel that America’s small towns are known for. Haubstadt’s community togetherness is evident in the work of small businesses like Scotty’s Lawn Equipment, which has served the community for more than 50…read more →

Why Buy From an Independent Store Instead of a Big Box Chain?

Why Buy From an Independent Store Instead of a Big Box Chain?

In a time when most people believe bigger is better, why then are consumers buying from locally-owned independent stores rather than big boxes and national chains? There are many explanations for this shift away from national chain stores to independent retailers. Here are just a few to consider, based on the “Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses.”

When the Big-Boxes Aren’t Home, Who Will You Call?

It was 2004 when Twin City Power Equipment went out of business. During this time, Doug Nord was constantly traveling for work and his children were entering high school. Doug decided to make a change, one that would allow him to stay closer to home – he purchased the assets from Twin City Power and opened Nord Outdoor Power.

Mac Equipment’s Got Your Back

In 1984, the four McCrimmon brothers – John, Ronald, Christopher and Clifton – opened up We Care Lawn Care. Business was steady, but the brothers were fed up with dealing with substandard products and companies that couldn’t fix their malfunctioning equipment. As it turns out, other lawn companies in the area were having the same problems.

The Mower Shop Uses Expert Knowledge and Community Service”

Local businesses may wonder how they can compete with big box stores – they have larger budgets, longer hours and more advertising. For The Mower Shop owner, Brian Humbert, the answer is simple: local businesses have more knowledge of their products, better service and customer support. Big box stores may have an impact, but “we’ve certainly found out, through the years, that we can compete,” said Humbert. And their ability to compete helps boost their local economy.

Carl's Mower and Saw

Carl’s Mower & Saw is a family-owned and operated business in Ferndale, WA and a member of the Independent We Stand movement! It’s a family business that works 24/7 keeping customers happy and believes strongly in giving back to its community.

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand