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Buying Local Pays Big Dividends for Maine

A new study produced by the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) has found that, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, the local economic impact of independently owned businesses in Portland is significantly greater than that of national chains. MECEP found that every $100 spent at locally owned businesses contributes an additional $58 to the local economy. By comparison, $100 spent at a representative national chain store in Portland yields just $33 in local economic impact. Read more…

"How to Get Crowdfunding for Your Small Business."

Now there’s a Kickstarter for small business. New York City-based Lucky Ant launched Jan. 2, hoping to link small businesses with their neighborhoods (and, of course, make some money in the process).

Spread the Shop Local Message

Check out what one of our merchant members did on the back of one of their trucks. Very very cool. Especially since we don’t have a huge marketing budget.

Hyper-local markets provide big economic boost.

In 1997, only 70 people were employed at businesses on the block of 18th Street between Dolores and Guerrero streets in San Francisco. Today, when California’s unemployment rate is nearing 12 percent, there are 400 jobs.

Howard Brothers Gives Website to Mummphy’s

After the review of the more than 200 nominated businesses, Howard Brothers Hardware was chosen as one of five finalists for the Independent We Stand “Independent Business of the Year Award.” This was based on their above and beyond attitude toward customer service and community involvement. Thanks to their dedicated fans, Howard Brothers Hardware won the ‘Indie Award’ with almost 45,000 votes. Brothers John and Doug Howard of Howard Brothers…read more →

Small Business Strategies: Shop small this holiday season.

President Obama did it. Republicans did it. I did it. So did 103 million other Americans. We shopped at independent stores on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 26. We bought gifts in small stores, ate meals at small restaurants. Now how do we keep customers coming back to small businesses throughout the holiday season?

Pungo shop tries its luck on fundraising website.

April and Al Habit own an old-fashioned business. They sell vintage glassware, handcrafted soaps and baked goods in an old brick building on a bend in the road in Pungo, miles from the trappings of modern retail commerce. The Habits want to expand their Southern Fried Studio & Shop to sell soups and sandwiches, much like former owners did when the store was Brinkley’s Market, a 1960s-era grocer and lunch counter. All they need is $22,000 to buy equipment. Read more…

Eat More Kale? Eat Mor Chikin? The courts may decide.

Eat Mor Chikin. Eat More Kale. They’re both catchy slogans, sure, but one is backed by a willing-to-fight fast-food company. The other is backed by a willing-to-fight Vermont entrepreneur. And they’re at odds. Chick-fil-A has trademarked the phrase “Eat Mor Chikin,” using it alongside images of cows.

I Need That Record!

The vinyl lovers show up every day. They come, usually in groups of three or four, to examine the stacks of records we have in our shop. Some giggle at the “antiques”. Some critique the music. Many like to share memories of long-gone record stores with crazy names…

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