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8 Small Business Tax-Saving Tips

8 Small Business Tax-Saving Tips

As we near the end of a tumultuous 12 months with a tug-of-war on tax reform in Congress, many small-business owners are probably wondering what they need to know about their 2012 taxes. Here’s a list of tips that can save you money

Small Biz Employees – More Than Just a Job

Small Biz Employees – More Than Just a Job

Small business owners stand out in the marketplace, offering customers a unique shopping environment that big box stores simply can’t achieve. While their product, store location, merchandising and overall ambiance weigh heavily on the success or failure of their business, their #1 attribution are employees.

Family Businesses Learn to Adapt to Keep Thriving

For family-owned businesses, the statistics are daunting. According to the Family Business Institute, only about 30 percent survive beyond the founder’s generation, and just 12 percent make it to a third. For this small-business guide, we talked to the owners of several businesses that have beaten the odds.

5 Social Network Sites to Promote Small Business

Online networking is a quick and easy way for small businesses to expand their brand, get expert tips and advice and attract more customers. But with an overly-saturated market, which site is the best fit for your business?

Marketers: Don’t be creepy with social media.

Social networking began as a personal communication tool. Friendster, MySpace and Facebook were all about friendships and dating. Today of course, social media has also become another arm of marketing. Increasingly, businesses are actively promoting their brands and products, and sharing thought leadership content through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Top Seven Mistakes Businesses Make Filing Insurance Claims.

Now that Hurricane Irene is done pummeling the Eastern Seaboard, affected business owners will move on to the next phase: trying to figure out if insurance will cover their losses. In the chaos that follows a natural disaster, mistakes can be made that may delay insurance reimbursement, or mean your insurance won’t pay at all.

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