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Angelic Chocolates: Heart Healthy Treats

When Stephanie Irish met Scott, their connection was instantaneous. They were both in the Marine Corps and while they spent a lot of time apart, they were constantly thinking of ways to say, “I love you.” For Stephanie, she turned to chocolate. After all, what’s more romantic than made-from-scratch, hand-poured chocolates?

Where Buying Local Even Smells Better

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I can’t think of a better time to show our local businesses some love. This V-Day, show that you care not only about your sweetheart but about your community – visit your locally owned jewelers, chocolatiers and florists like Good Old Days Eco-Florist in New Windsor, New York.

SBA Changes: A Deeper Look.

President Obama announced Friday that he is elevating the head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Karen Mills, to become a Cabinet member.

5 Social Network Sites to Promote Small Business

Online networking is a quick and easy way for small businesses to expand their brand, get expert tips and advice and attract more customers. But with an overly-saturated market, which site is the best fit for your business?

Promoting Your Small Business Blog

Many people start blogs—whether for personal or business reasons—and then wonder: Why is no one reading it? Even executives at Fortune 500 companies with massive resources can publish blog posts that go essentially unread. And it happens for a number of reasons: poor content, lack of frequency, not knowing the audience, and so on. However, the most basic reason no one is reading your blog is this: nobody knows it…read more →

The Mower Shop Uses Expert Knowledge and Community Service”

Local businesses may wonder how they can compete with big box stores – they have larger budgets, longer hours and more advertising. For The Mower Shop owner, Brian Humbert, the answer is simple: local businesses have more knowledge of their products, better service and customer support. Big box stores may have an impact, but “we’ve certainly found out, through the years, that we can compete,” said Humbert. And their ability to compete helps boost their local economy.

The Distribution Trap.

Why is it that U.S. manufacturers of all shapes and sizes allow themselves to be pushed around by discount retailers, to the extent that they often cede control of their own supply chains to the big boxes?  Read more…

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