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Show Dad Some Local Love this Father's Day

Show Dad Some Local Love this Father's Day

In the past, Father’s Day has often lived in the shadows of Mother’s Day, but that trend has been shifting over the past couple of years as Americans are showing Dad how much they really appreciate him. While Mother’s Day is still the second largest holiday for gift-giving, the spending gap between the two holidays is narrowing. According to the National Retail Federation, Father’s Day spending is expected to reach $12.7 billion in 2012 alone.

When the Big-Boxes Aren’t Home, Who Will You Call?

It was 2004 when Twin City Power Equipment went out of business. During this time, Doug Nord was constantly traveling for work and his children were entering high school. Doug decided to make a change, one that would allow him to stay closer to home – he purchased the assets from Twin City Power and opened Nord Outdoor Power.

Price Hardware – A Haven for Husbands AND Wives

Though Price Hardware has been a family owned and operated business for more than six decades, they are anything but traditional. John and Carol Price are flipping the switch on the hardware industry – their store, once dedicated strictly to power tools, has recently welcomed tea kettles and china.

Family Owned, Customer Oriented, Community Preferred

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and there’s a lot to look forward to: family, food comas and Small Business Saturday. Sure, the big boxes have a few great sales, but who really wants to go shopping at midnight after spending an entire day watching football and eating into oblivion? Here’s an idea – sleep in on Friday and celebrate Small Business Saturday at businesses like East Grand Fork Hardware.

Mac Equipment’s Got Your Back

In 1984, the four McCrimmon brothers – John, Ronald, Christopher and Clifton – opened up We Care Lawn Care. Business was steady, but the brothers were fed up with dealing with substandard products and companies that couldn’t fix their malfunctioning equipment. As it turns out, other lawn companies in the area were having the same problems.

10-year Run to No. 1.

Since reaffirming its “servicing dealer only” distribution model roughly a decade ago, STIHL Inc. has doubled in size, amassed a network of 8,000-plus U.S. independent servicing dealers, and is now recognized as the largest-selling handheld OPE brand in America

Providing Great Service for More Than 35 Years.

Bowers Gnann, Jr. opened Gnann’s Fix-It Shop in Springfield, Ga. in 1964. For years, it was the go-to repair shop for small appliances. More than 45 years later, Gnann’s is still in business and thriving.

Andy's Lawn Machinery "It's So Much More Personal"

Locally owned businesses know that to compete with the national chains they have to go the extra mile. Here’s a great example of one that does that with each and every customer. What’s your favorite locally owned business?

The Mower Shop Uses Expert Knowledge and Community Service”

Local businesses may wonder how they can compete with big box stores – they have larger budgets, longer hours and more advertising. For The Mower Shop owner, Brian Humbert, the answer is simple: local businesses have more knowledge of their products, better service and customer support. Big box stores may have an impact, but “we’ve certainly found out, through the years, that we can compete,” said Humbert. And their ability to compete helps boost their local economy.

Carl's Mower and Saw

Carl’s Mower & Saw is a family-owned and operated business in Ferndale, WA and a member of the Independent We Stand movement! It’s a family business that works 24/7 keeping customers happy and believes strongly in giving back to its community.

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand