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‘Buy Local’ Gets Creative

‘Buy Local’ Gets Creative

Community-supported art programs are popping up all over the country, demonstrating that the concept works just as well for art lovers as for locavores

People will want to eat even

People will want to eat even "smaller" in 2013

The big food makers face a serious challenge for 2013: Consumers will want to eat even “smaller.” Not smaller as in less, but smaller as in locally grown, inspired by street vendors and loaded with fresh, veggie concoctions. So says a 2013 food trends report by the research firm Culinary Visions, scheduled to be released on Tuesday.

What Can Make Your Labor Day BBQ a Hit?

Use locally sourced produce and meats. Its better for the local economy. Its better for the environment. Its better for you.  And it just plain tastes better. We have thousands of farmers markets in our database. To find one near you just  click here. Hey, and please try and save some of the sweet corn for us.

My First C.S.A.

By Jamaliya Cobine – Huffington Post 6.9.2011 My refrigerator is full of vegetables… If you asked me a couple of years ago if I would pay a sizable lump sum for a weekly random selection of vegetables I would have said no.  When you take the granola, go-green, buy-local message out, a C.S.A Share (Community Supported Agriculture Share) is just that. Read more…

Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand Independent We Stand