Take The Pledge - Join The Movement

Your Choices Can Change Your Community. Take The Pledge. Join The Movement.

Make the choice to shop local and support locally-owned businesses. You can help make a difference in your community! Research shows that if you shift a portion of your spending from national chains and the Internet to independent locally-owned and operated businesses, you can have a dramatic effect on your local economy when you take the pledge and commit to shop local.

That’s because a significantly greater portion of the money you spend with local businesses stays in your community. This means more money for roads, schools, services and jobs. A small change in the way you shop can have a big impact on your community.

So take the pledge and join the movement to commit to shop local!

  1. Visit a locally owned and operated business once per week.
  2. Seek out a local business you’ve never been to, see what they have to offer!
  3. Buy a book at a corner book store.
  4. Eat lunch at that sandwich shop down the street
  5. Purchase a birthday present at a local gift shop.
  6. Buy ingredients for your next holiday dinner at a Farmer’s market.
  7. Work off that holiday dinner and join a local gym.
  8. Buy a toy at that local toy store downtown.
  9. Get your string trimmer from an outdoor power equipment dealer who can service and maintain the products they sell.
  10. Get your prescription filled at a local pharmacy.
  11. Visit a local nursery for your lawn and garden needs.

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