Teaching Kids the Value of Going Local

Teaching Kids the Value of Going Local

Source: American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA)

By: April Atwood

The "support local" message is catching on more than ever in America and as we continue to become better educated regarding the positive economic benefits of shifting our spending to locally-owned businesses, it's apparent these habits need to be preserved and nurtured among our youth.

Luckily for parents, there’s a ready-made audience for teaching the support-local message. Yes, we’re talking about your children. Those crumb-snatching little rascals represent the future of our country, and passing on your sound habits is the easiest way to create a generation of concious shoppers.

However, trying to teach your child good habits can be like attempting a complicated gymnastics routine with no formal training. So instead of adding another thing to nag your child about, employing a "show instead of tell" method can help you get them make it habitual to support your community.
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