Tell Your Main Street Tale

Tell Your Main Street Tale

On our website, we help outdoor power equipment dealers and landscape contractors gather and implement business management information that aids in their business' success. In talking daily with these dealers and contractors, we learn that one of their biggest frustrations is the strength of large corporations and retailers. But there is one thing those large corporations don’t have, and that is the appeal of a small independently owned business.

A large part of any successful marketing effort is relating to the customer. As a small business owner, you have a higher chance of relating to the customer successfully than a large corporation would. Your main street tale and goals are attainable and relatable to the individuals purchasing goods and services in your community. You need to share your story with customers so they see you as a peer member of their community that they should support with their business.

Tell your story as an independent business owner and share with your customers the many benefits in choosing small business. Show them how supporting your small business helps them to support their community overall. When shopping at a small business, it provides jobs for members of the community and puts money spent back into the local economy.

In addition to the benefits of choosing an independently owned business, share with customers why you decided to get into the business you are in. Tell them why it appealed to you as an individual. Maybe it's a family business and you carried on that tradition. Or perhaps owning your own business was a goal since your childhood. Whatever your reason for owning a small business, share your trials and troubles with customers so they see the human side of your business.

Telling your main street tale could turn a one-off sale into a repeat customer. By sharing your story with customers, you give independently owned small business a name and a face. Running a business is a personal and emotional experience. In choosing your business over the competition, customers want to make a personal connection with you. Sharing your story will provide that connection and strengthen your bond with the consumer.

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