Ten Examples of Things You Can Do to Shop Local

Shopping at locally owned businesses is easy. So next time you're out and about, getting ready to do some shopping, please think local. Here are ten examples:

1)    Buy a book at a neighborhood book store.
2)    Eat lunch at a local sub shop.
3)    Purchase a birthday present at a local gift shop.
4)    Buy ingredients for your next family dinner at a farmer’s market.
5)    Work off that family dinner and join a local gym.
6)    Buy a child's toy at a local toy store.
7)    Get your string trimmer from a local hardware store.
8)    Get your next prescription filled at a local pharmacy.
9)    Visit a local garden nursery where they will have plants native to your area.
10) Throw a party and serve locally brewed beer or locally made wine.

And if you need help finding a locally-owned business, please use our "buy local" business locator. Its simple to use and you'll feel so much better when you shop local.


Carmichael's Bookstore - Louisville, KY

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