Small Business Articles of the Week

Small Business Articles of the Week
 By: IWS Content Team

Here at Independent We Stand, our goal is to help you promote your small business. Below is a list of articles our team has discovered and we wanted to share. Vote for your favorite in the comments below!

1. 20 Must Have Tools For Small Businesses

Tanya Prive, Contributor to and co-founder of RockThePost, shares must-have tools for small business owners to utilize, including website resources, eco-friendly tools, productivity apps, social media monitoring, and more!


2. Mobile Payment Solutions

A list of 3 of the most popular payments solutions for mobile businesses on-the-go. More and more brick and mortar small businesses turning to mobile payment solutions in an effort to reduce transactions costs and utilize cloud computing.


3. Minimum Wage Increase

"Raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2016 would cost the economy 500,000 jobs, according to the Congressional Budget Office." How is this going to impact your local business?


4. Why small businesses can no longer ignore mobile (Video)


5. Hometown Advantage : Why Buy Local

An informative infographic explaining how buy local initiatives boost small businesses, from


6. Tax 411 : Five things every small business owner needs to know about filing taxes this year

It's that time of year again! Phyllis Furman from the New York Daily News outlines five things small firms should keep in mind this time of year.


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