Top Ten Reasons to Register Your Business

If you run a locally owned, independent business, Independent We Stand is here to help. A movement dedicated to promoting the importance of buying from local businesses, more than 19,500 consumers and business owners have joined the cause since September 2010.

Here are 10 ways to maximize our assistance once you register your business at

1. Receive a free listing on the Independent We Stand online business locator
We receive more than a thousand searches every month from consumers looking to buy local. Make sure they are finding your business!

2. Download free marketing and promotional materials proclaiming your independent status
Our website has an entire resource center with free posters and flyers available for download. All you need is paper and a color printer to start spreading the word about the impact you make on your community.

3. Articles and statistics on the importance and impact of shopping locally
Maybe your friends and neighbors like the convenience of shopping at a national chain store. Maybe they would change their mind if they knew statistics such as when you spend $100 at an independent business, $68 returns to the local community. Spend that same amount at a national chain and it drops to $43 going back to your town.*

4. Opportunity to network with others who have joined the movement on our social networks
Joining together means we all have a bigger voice. Check out the Independent We Stand Facebook page and LinkedIn communities for other businesses in your area who have joined the movement – and get involved in our social media conversations to reach our fans and followers.

5. Drive more traffic to your website by adding an Independent We Stand button
Including your business on our business locator and linking to your website helps drive traffic to your website and increases your search engine ranking overall. Be sure once your customers get there they remember the impact you have on the community by adding an Independent We Stand button to your site, available on our online resource center.

6. Sign Up for the Independent We Stand eNewsletter…
… then forward to your customers, friends and neighbors so they can join the movement and learn more. Your business could also be chosen as our "Business in the Spotlight" feature, which is distributed monthly to more than 7,000 recipients.

7. Social media integration to share with your customers
Our online tools and website badges help spread the word through popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Our YouTube channel showcases many local businesses across the country – send us your videos and photos talking about your business and we’ll post them!

8. Independent We Stand Gear Available for Sale
Walk the walk. Buy your groceries from an independent farmer’s market and carry them in an Independent We Stand shopping bag. Pass out Independent We Stand coasters at your favorite neighborhood bar. Showcase a window cling on your store or a bumper sticker on your car so everyone who sees it learns more about the movement.

9. Independent We Stand Public Relations Support
Our team is hard at work shouting the importance of buying from local businesses from rooftops (and newspapers and websites) around the country. When a reporter asks for an independent business to feature in their hometown, we promote you.

10. Remember that YOU are Independent We Stand
Independent We Stand exists because of you. Your business makes a positive difference in keeping your local economy vibrant and we’re here to help you communicate that to your existing and potential customers.

A study in Grand Rapids, Mich. found that if 600,000 people shifted 10 percent of their spending to local stores, in one year, the following would be created locally: 1600 jobs, $137 million in new economic activity, $53 million in new wages.* Share this impact with your customers and your friends and ask them to think about every purchase they make. Your choice can change your community.

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