Bringing Joy and Sweetness

Bringing Joy and Sweetness

As kids, Patrick Nauman and Keith Bryant grew up mesmerized by the local candy store in downtown Weiser, Idaho. In 2007, they took their sweet tooth to a whole new level when they purchased the chocolate shop from its previous owners. Now, they work together to share their lifelong fascination with the rest of the community.

Patrick and Keith turned their childhood dream into a reality when they purchased Fawn’s Classic Candies and turned it into Weiser Classic Candy in early 2007. Between Patrick and Keith and its previous owners, the candy shop has been locally owned for more than 30 years, but the newest partners jumped in ready to leave their own mark on the business and the community. Patrick and Keith made it their goal to develop and introduce 20 new varieties of candy and launch a new website to help them serve candy lovers around the world.

Weiser Classic Candy continues to mesmerize customers of all ages in the same way it did when Patrick and Keith were on the opposite side of the counter. The shop specializes in hand-dipped chocolates and confections, made from fresh and local ingredients right before customers’ eyes. The shop also offers a full-service deli and ice cream counter, making it a popular local destination for both lunch and dessert.

From childhood pals to grown-up business partners, Patrick and Keith have made it their mission to bring joy and sweetness to the local community. Their local candy store in downtown Weiser is just the place, serving up locally made joy, sweetness and chocolate by the pound. For more information about Weiser Classic Candy or to order online, visit

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