Why Do You Buy Local?

Why Do You Buy Local?

Independent We Stand is all about educating people of the importance and strong economic benefits of buying local. Our website is full of resources for independent businesses and consumers, telling them why they should shop local and the huge difference it makes on their communities when they support local business. We realize that many of you already know these facts and you are living a "buy local" lifestyle everyday. But not everyone who supports local business is doing it for the same reason. So, we want to know, "Why do you buy local?"

This afternoon we took to our Facebook and asked our fans that very question. There were so many great responses and we loved them all! Since today is 12.12.12, that led to the idea of selecting 12 responses and making a  list that you could share with your friends on Facebook. Just another way to spread the "buy local" word with a personal touch!

Didn't get a chance to tell us your reason for buying local? Leave it in a comment below or tell us on Facebook! Who knows, you might make the next list!

To share a jpeg of the "12 Reasons to Buy Local" list on Facebook, blogs, or email blasts, please right click on the image below and select “View Image” and then “Save Image As” and save to your hard drive.

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